Why did not I move back to the United States after the haze?

Yesterday, one friend from WeChat asked me: "what brand of purifier the children should buy? I now believe your words, because the child is in a very serious cough." Recently the posts about the haze coverage are overwhelming, there are more Scientific data showing that haze does have a very negative impact on the health of residents in most parts of northern China. It is predicted that in the next five years, Beijing-centered Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the incidence of lung cancer will appear in a blowout. There are a lot of friends in Beijing told me that we want to give up Beijing's life, while the child is still young to move, once older they can hardly move. This is not a joke, with the action of the friends really start now.

But it is precisely in this public fear of haze become more and more panic, people are becoming more anxious to the government for incompetence of the regulatory, but now I have produced some "inflow" ideas. This is related to my experience working in the environmental system, and I am concerned about the new thinking after I began to do education, of course, and the rapid changes in this era.

The main point I want to make is: Are we really just victims?

Two days ago I saw an article about an award-winning documentary film "Plastic China" (the documentary producer Ruby Chen last month also came to the ETUx event site, welcome to do her CNEX – ten years to launch Nearly a hundred Chinese documentary). The film used three years to track all kinds of rubbish from the United States, which was manually sorted by some unprotected villagers in some impoverished towns along the Chinese coast and then shipped as raw materials to the factory. In this story, there are children drinking contaminated syringes as drink water, from the parents striving for monthly income of 2,000 yuan to sacrifice their life, to afflicted villagers suffering from disease. But these people we can not see. We only see more and more species on the supermarket shelves, dazzling merchandise, as well as those E-commerce giants alibaba and JD for a series of big promotion.

We are complaining about haze, while non-stop buy buy. There seems to be no connection between these two things, but the truth is far from the case.

We see a lot of online analysis of the causes of the haze, many of them come from the fact that the scientific evidence. The source of haze, mainly carbon-based fuel combustion, urban construction dust, car exhaust, catering fume emissions. Everybody's complain is aimed at the process of these topics, the government's poor supervision, not according to law, or the conscience of the loss of business, ignoring the safety of others, only to make money. But I always feel that these things behind, not so simple causal relationship.

The Government's policy regulation, I am afraid it is difficult to catch up with the interests driven by economic. The pursuit of human interests is human nature. Especially for those who survive in the bottom of society, if let them choose between haze and food, they will choose to have food to eat. I am afraid the conscience of enterprises should also be based on a certain economic basis. For example: Anyang, Henan province, such a place, the city's economy totally depends on the steel industry, if you let them suddenly shut down, how people continue to live? Some people say that we do not already have advanced experience and technology? The introduction of them is not on the line? But most of these technologies are very high costy, heavy industry enterprises would feel lucky for not lossing money in this business environment of excess capacity. Although the government gave a lot of subsidies, but the accounting down for the enterprise is likely to still not worthwhile. We can not expect companies to spontaneously choose to violate economic laws.

People will also ask, is not the government functions of macro-control, to avoid these problems? But if we take a look at the current unpredictable world situation, the US dollar to raise interest rates, the United States is ready to start cutting the world's money, while Trump clamoring for the manufacturing industry should return back to the United States, how do we deal with?

I am afraid we have to rely on stimulating domestic demand, which means that there will be a lot of infrastructure construction, and the corresponding supporting the power, coal and other industries support for allowing money to stimulate consumption, we can resist the US economic blow to us. But such measures must be at a price. Purchaser index began to rise from 16 years, coal prices have risen, the coal industry has begun to recover, continuously singing of real estate, around the massive construction projects, so pm2.5 continue to remain high.

But if we are decision-makers, how will choose? We will give up economic development in order to save everyone's health, sacrifice the interests of the country and let US fight against us? Of course, this is not for the government. The government has a lot of problems. But I have exposure to them, better understand the easy way out. At that time, most of my colleagues in the environmental protection system, especially the younger generation, have ideals and responsibilities. They work very hard every day. However, the various restrictions imposed by the system have resulted in inefficiency. Their actions deserve more respect than those who complain about it in society now.

Come to talk about Europe and the United States. Many times we will blindly believe that Europe and the United States has a very advanced technology and management, democracy is a very great system, the West is the ultimate answer. But the real people living in Europe and the United States have experience, the problem is far from so simple. To the United States, for example, this country is now such a strong strength, I am afraid a large part of the gift from the God of this country. The US geopolitical environment is so good, and resources are very rich. I went to the United States the first year, constantly being shocked by the waste of Americans. Obama once said on a public occasion that we can not allow China's economy grow fast, let the Chinese people to live like Americans, if so, the entire planet's resources have to be exhausted. That the Americans themselves know, how luxury their lifestyle is.

The hospital environment in the United States is very comfortable, the doctor and a patient can chat warmly. Can be moved to China? a doctor every day to receive hundreds of patients, the United States doctors will be crazy. China's available arable land area is far less than the United States, all kinds of other resources are not entirely like how our childhood geography class was taught "vast land, rich", but also carry such a large population size. So we are now the root of many problems of the shortage of resources.

There is a very wide spread of the article called the London haze is not being blown away by wind, which lists a lot of methods about how London City Hall controled haze, which seemed the right methods to solve the London fog Haze problem. But if we take a closer look at all the measures taken by the London government in that article, we have now done so, demolish the chimneys, dismantle the boilers and centralize heating, but why has not the haze improved? The reason is probably still the population size and resource constraints.

Population and resources under the weight, I found a trend that our emerging middle class is very much like to live as Americans. We also have a few cars, eat the avocado from South America, give children a full set of American children's toys and original books, experience the Black Friday. But should we stop to think about, behind such a high standard of consumption, how much life is really needed, how much just to make us feel better life, to make us feel security? Will the situation in our country be able to withstand such a level of consumption?

Haze haze haze, buy buy buy

In the context of global production, each of our consumer behavior, if you go back to its source, its ultimately from carbon emissions. Even if only consider the factors of air pollution in a commodity to your hands, you do not know the production of this product supply business, how much pm10 it contributed to the air; you do not know the production of packaging companies, the number of VOC it contributed to (volatile organic compounds); you do not know the road running on the logistics truck and courier brother, they also contributed the number of pm2.5. Each of our orders, in fact, more or less give extra pollution to the bursted table AQI even though you do not want to recognize the power.

Of course, the pursuit of a more refined life is understandable goal, destined to more and more people into the ranks of high consumption, which is the driving force of economic development. Then is there a solution for haze in China? I think there is, but this solution certainly does not come from the people complaining and fleeing, nor from the government's coercive measures, but lies in the technological revolution, and education.

Between human desire and natural resources is a pair of innate contradictions whic can not be resolved. I think only large-scale application of clean energy can only meet such a huge demand in order to fundamentally solve the problem in half. A ready-made example is the food problem. African per capita arable land is nearly four times that of China, but a large number of Africans are still in starving, and we have basically solved the problem of food and clothing for all people, the reason is the modern planting technology revolution. The same is true of energy. For example, if solar energy storage problems can be solved, our dependence on fossil fuels will be greatly reduced, carbon emissions will naturally fall, many problems will be solved. be more reality, the Internet is also a good share of the economy under the direction of the used idle items and resources. So it is still a old topic, we should put greater effort in science and technology research and development, through the technological revolution to solve the environmental problems caused by upgrading.

But why is this only half the answer?

If we look back at the history of human development, every advance in technology will bring new benefits to mankind, while at the same time creating new problems. Even if solar energy can be widely used, but support the industry still need a lot of material, the production of these materials will bring another process of pollution? Maybe water, soil, which are more difficult to control than the atmosphere. The double-edged sword of science and technology brought about by the side effects can never be avoided. Therefore, we need another half of the answer, that is, education, more specifically, is to control the desire of education.

The reason why people are, the desire to control this is a sign. Cooperation with the natural is the only way but constantly blindly request, humans can go further. Paleontology has a theory that the extinction of dinosaurs may not because of the asteroid hit the earth, but the dinosaur itself evolved too fast, more and more large size, the demand for food eventually exceeded the capacity of surface plants, Nature is exhausted the use of resources to the fate of the end. Now we have been standing on the eve of the technology explosion, before the great possibility, how can the awe of nature, is very worthy of everyone's attention.

E-commerce convenient, so that we can very easily to complete a consumer behavior, which is our life convenience, but also led to a lot of waste. Because the cost of buying behavior is too low, we do not have to carefully consider whether it really needs to have to buy because of the promotion. 

Whether it is the pursuit of new technology, or to control their own desires, education is the necessary way to reach these two goals. For our next generation, the society they face will change drastically and the environment may be brutal. How can they re-ignite the love of nature, have the power to solve these problems of human society, rather than blindly to the pursuit of material wealth, which is a question worth thinking about.

So, each of us is not just a victim. Everyone should reflect on the face of haze, in the end what kind of attitude we should take? Complaints and accusations are not helpful, action makes sense, and everyone's actions make sense.

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