2017 Beijing International Bicycle & Spare Parts Exhibition

Beijing International Bicycle & Spare Parts Exhibition is a professional display platform for enterprises to develop its marketing and open the sale channels. Beijing is the centre of politics、culture、information and communication; Standing hundreds of embassies; Assembly place of over 1500 high-end brands; 20 million people, which is capable of bringing large purchase. To promote green travel, Beijing government provides 10% policy subsidies targeting to the bicycle purchasers and raise the plan of establishing 3200 kilometers bicycle roads. Today’s Beijing is the best platform of communicating at home and abroad, the landmark of Chinese market, even the supporting point of global riding culture.

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China International Robot Exhibition 2017

China international Robot Exhibition 2017 – a premium platform for business performance improvement in the robots and robotics industry. Leading market players will have ample opportunities to present high-tech products, “smart” robotics, transportation, automation, bionic robots, software and development. The exhibition will be held June 13-15, 2017 in Beijing.
– 80000 m2

– 600 exhibitors

– 120 foreign exhibitors

– 80000 visitors

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The 21st China (Beijing) International Organic & Green Food Industry Expo 2017

The 21st China (Beijing) Intl Organic & Green Food Industry Expo 2017 – one of the most important events in the rapidly growing natural products market. Organic milk, protein drinks, baby food, products for skin care, natural fabrics – this and much more will be presented at the exhibition.
– 40000 m2

– 910 exhibitors

– 50 foreign exhibitors

– 45800 visitors

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CAE (China Attractions Expo)

CAE (China Attractions Expo) – a large-scale international event in the entertainment industry. It is the most important platform for everyone who creates video games, amusement, gaming machines and amusement parks. The exhibition will be held on March 18-20, 2017 in Beijing.
– 20 000 m2

– 300 exhibitors

– 40 foreign exhibitors

– 30 000 visitors

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